Meet Cassie Parks of Loving Yourself University

Meet Cassie Parks of Loving Yourself University

Loving Yourself University Founder, Cassie Parks, loving yourselfI am Cassie Parks, M.S., founder of Loving Yourself University. I founded Loving Yourself University because I realized a lot people in the self-development world said it was important to love yourself, but there isn’t a lot of them teaching you how to love yourself.
I believe self-love and loving yourself are two different things. You can have self love and not be actively loving yourself. Loving yourself means loving you, taking care of you, making choices that support your happiness. Loving yourself is an active process. It can take time to develop the skills of loving yourself. Often making the commitment to loving yourself and starting the process will have instant results Which is awesome!

I’ve been a Resonance Coach for 7 years, which means I help people shift negative thoughts and beliefs and what they are attracting into their lives. However, I realized that you can only do so much of that without loving yourself. If you aren’t truly loving yourself, you hit a ceiling when you it comes to thoughts and beliefs.

Loving yourself is the magic. It’s what helps things happen easier and faster. It’s the fuel to manifesting your dreams. And all the deliberate creation and Law of Attraction techniques won’t create what you want if you aren’t Loving Yourself.

That’s why I am here…to help you fall madly in love with yourself and your life!
Thank you so much for visiting Loving Yourself University. Stay awhile. Play with us in any way that fits who you are. We’re always adding new stuff and new opportunities to learn and grow. Remember to sign up to receive our bulletin so you are kept in the know about what’s going on.
Much love.

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