Loving Yourself University Presents Transformation Among Friends

The hottest new Loving Yourself University Workshop is Transformation Among Friends. This workshop will leave you seeing more possibilities, feeling more bonded to your friends, transformed, and ready to take your life to a whole new level! Watch the introduction video below!

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There were seven participants in the first workshop. When asked…

  • All of them said they loved it!
  • All of them said it was very helpful!
  • All of them said they gained knowledge and insight about themselves!
  • All of them said they left with a more positive outlook!

When asked how they felt at the end of the workshop they said

more motivated
open to change

Here are their comments:

“I feel like I can honestly be me, and accomplish goals, and be excited about it.” L. Taylor, Denver, CO.

“Totally solidified my goals and dreams about my future. Today gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. Thank you!” K. Lundquist, Parker, CO.

“I said something out loud to my friends that support me which makes me feel like “I can” rather than hopeless. I feel excited!” L. Remado, Denver, CO.

“I’m not as alone as I thought I was.” K. Patterson, Golden, CO.

“I have gained a valuable day with my cherished friends as well as some hope for my goals to be realized.” A. Ramquist, Denver, CO.

“I am worth more.” A. Hunt, Denver, CO.

“I am blown away with what I have manifested in my life thus far and am grateful to you for helping me structure and focus on what is next!!!” K. Tighe Denver, CO.

Here’s additional comments they gave to Cassie:

“Thank you! Wonderful experience!”

“I am so thankful to meeting you.”

“Thank you. You truly are an amazing person and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you!”

“Loved everything about it!”

“Thank goodness for you!”

“Thank you”

“Thank you. Continue to inspire and bring change to people.”


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