Loving Yourself University Asks Is This You?

Loving Yourself University asks is this you? Read over the list, and keep track of how many times you answer, “yes”.

You’re exhausted
You work too much
You feel unappreciated
You’re irritable some or most of the time
You get angry easily
You’re not happy
You don’t understand why everything seems to work out for everyone else
You don’t appreciate who you are
You make demands of others
Nothing seems to go your way
You can’t hold onto money
You might have a spending problem
You can’t say no
You feel like no one REAllY loves you
You try to be superwoman
You work really hard, but your boss doesn’t seem to notice
You don’t know who you are

If you answered yes to one or two of these is you; you might want to invest in a loving yourself tune up. If you answered yes to three or more; you probably want to make a commitment to spend some time and money at Loving Yourself University. If you answered yes to five or more; invest in everything you can at Loving Yourself University, and you might want to consider one on one or group coaching with us.

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