3 Life Areas Positively Impacted by Loving Yourself More

When you invest in self-love, you invest in an upgrade to all areas of your life. The life upgrade is the free bonus!  Below is just a sample of the good things that follow loving yourself. 

Click here to invest in you.

Click here to invest in you.

1.) Finances-The Universe can only be as good to you as you are to yourself. If you are looking to manifest more money into your life, start with loving yourself. In my Money Manifesting course coming up, I talk about a time I won a lot of money after focusing my day on loving myself. Your relationship with money is better when you’re loving yourself.

2.) Relationships-all your relationships will be upgraded when you love yourself more.  You have more to give, and you are more open to receiving when you are loving yourself. When you are not activating self-love, you aren’t giving from a well that is full, which means all that you give is actually something you need, hold onto. In that case you’re sacrificing. People feel that.  And no matter what they do, they can’t fix it. Only you can do that. It’s your responsibility to show up in your relationships and give from your over flow. You do that by loving yourself first.

3.) Enjoyment of life-Loving yourself (or lack of) impacts every experience in your life.  Coming from a place where you are filled and overflowing with self-love leads to better, more fulfilling experiences because you’re already full. This means you go into the experience not needing anything from it. All the good stuff goes into excess and your overflow. That overflow creates this radiance of pure joy.  How juicy would it be to walk around life like that?

This list could go on and on, because loving yourself (or not loving yourself) has a huge impact on every single thing in your life. If something isn’t flowing the way you’d like, the place to start is with self-love. It’s the juiciest kind of love and it creates the juiciest kind of results, a beautiful, joyful, fun, impactful life.

So much good comes from loving you. Does it sound like it might be hard to do? It’s not. You just have to start and inertia takes over. Start with 30 seconds a day and the support of an amazing group to do it!

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Inspiration For Loving Yourself

Here’s a little inspiration to Love Yourself for anyone who needs it.

About 7 months ago a friend and I started going to a particular yoga studio. My favorite yoga class is 9:15pm candle light yoga.  Because she is an awesome friend and I was on her way, she’d pick me up. The yoga studio is on a one way street. When you leave you go to the next block and make two lefts to get onto the one way street going the other way. When you make the second turn you travel down a beautiful eclectic Denver street lined with houses and a converted church from the 1900s. The old porches are beautiful at night. Driving down that street you have a clear view of the city. It’s wonderful. I remember thinking to myself I would love to own house on this street…

Tonight, as I left 9:15pm candle light yoga my favorite teacher told me how all my poses were improving. I smiled as I got in the car. I drove down to the end of the block made a left and sat at the red light for a moment. When the light turned green, I turned onto MY street. A block down is my new house. I closed on it this past Friday. It’s literally a block away from the yoga studio.

Loving Yourself University, loving yourself quote, Cassie Parks, The more you love yourself, the more magic happens.To say this house manifested easily is an understatement.  It practically fell in my lap. The price and set up was a no brainer. It seals my financial freedom plan and most important, I love it! I assure you, this house is a product of deep self love.  The more you love yourself, the more magic happens. This house is magic!

If you’re ready to connect to that deep self love, Loving Yourself University has all the tools to help you do it. And if you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask. We’ll make it happen!

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A Poetic Loving Yourself Student Project

A Poetic Loving Yourself Student Project

Now you might think this poem is short and and even a little cute but there is a truth within the words. Always remember that loving yourself will always pave the way for amazing transformation.

When the caterpillar is ready, 

She creates her cocoon.

When the butterfly is ready,

She breaks the cocoon.


Loving yourself quote, Loving Yourself University, Loving yourself student project, Loving yourself transforms you.

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Love, Life, Law of Attraction and True Beauty!

On today’s show Love, Life, Law of Attraction and True Beauty, Lisa M. Hayes and I discussed Cate Blanchett and her unretouched photo on the cover of The Economist.  This woman is strikingly beautiful. Her picture defines confident. She is a beautiful woman and she chose to be herself, wrinkles (which took me minutes to see) and all, on the cover of a popular magazine.

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Lisa and I talked about true beauty. Where does it come from? Can you paint on confidence with a make-up brush or by airbrushing a photo? What does a real 40 something year old look like?  What does a woman who loves herself and her life look like?

Another interesting thing we discussed was how men instinctively know what is real and what’s not. Men know instinctively when a magazine has enhanced certain things, yet women often strive for that vision, which doesn’t exist without photo shop. How do you change that? Listen to our conversation and you’ll get some great ideas!


How Much Time Does Jennifer Aniston Spend Loving Yourself Beautiful?

How Much Time Does Jennifer Aniston Spend Loving Yourself Beautiful? There was an article that came out a few weeks ago that said Jennifer Aniston spends upwards of $140,000 a year on her beauty regiment.  The average person looks at that and says, “There is no way I can be as beautiful as Jennifer Aniston. Everyone got hung up on the money. However, the big thing to notice in the article is how much TIME Jennifer Aniston devotes to herself, taking care of herself and being beautiful.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston (Photo credit: Lord_Henry)

I did my own analysis of the time investment based on the article.  Here is the TIME I estimate Jennifer Aniston invests in herself each month:

Spray Tan-4 hours/month. I figure an hour getting to and from the place and getting the service. My research says spray tans last about 7 days so I figure she does this about four times a month.

Eye brow shaping-1 hour a month

Yoga-3 hours a week=12 hours a month

Running-I’ve seen many articles where Jennifer Aniston talks about running as part of her workout routine. I’m estimating she spends a minimum of 2 hrs a week running-8 hrs a month

Hair-If she spends 3 hours every 6 weeks that comes out to 4 hrs a month

Facials-2 hours a month

Drinking water-Jennifer Aniston has been quoted saying drinking water is a huge part of her beauty routine. It sounds like a lot, but if you drank the recommended amount of water each day and added up the time I believe it would come close to an hour. That’s 30 hrs a month!

Make-up application-I once saw a backstage on Oprah and she said her makeup took 3 hours! To get the Jennifer Aniston look I’m guessing it takes at least an hour a day. Again that’s 30 hours a month!

Here’s a few things that are hard to score time wise, but food for thought. On Letterman Jennifer Aniston said she’s doing a chemical peel.  She said your skin gets red and peels off for about a week.  I know people who’ve done this peel and they said the same thing. She’s willing to go through the time and week of redness to get that smooth beautiful face.

Another thing in Jen’s beauty bill is her dietician prepared meals.  She’s not investing the time here, but she is conscious about what goes in her body. How much time are you spending preparing what goes into your body?

The chemical peels and dietician prepared meals aside I estimate Jennifer Aniston invests a minimum of 91 hours a month on herself! That’s about 21 hours a week, and 3 hours per day. That is a minimum!

When was the last time you went to yoga?

How long do you spend on your make up?

How much time do you spend drinking water everyday?

When was the last time you had a facial?

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

The thing about Jennifer Aniston is she invests in herself. Some of us put ourselves on the back burner. You might not even invest an hour a day in yourself.  She invests a lot of that time in her appearance, highlighting her best qualities. You don’t have to be Jennifer Aniston to invest time in yourself. And it doesn’t have to cost $140,000.  Drinking water is free. I love an Aveada Beauty School facial for $35. And a month of yoga in Denver is around $100.

The most important thing Jennifer Aniston does for herself isn’t invest the money, it’s invest the time in a loving way.  Grab your appointment book and schedule yourself in!



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Love, Life, The Law of Attraction and Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Regiment

On today’s Love, Life and the Law of Attraction show, faculty member Lisa M. Hayes and I discussed Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Regiment. An article came out this week that estimates what Jennifer Aniston spends on her beauty routine.  Here’s the article, but the jest is that estimates say it’s over $140,000 a year. That’s a big number, and that’s what people got hung up on.

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As Lisa and I discussed on our show, I think most people missed the big picture. The big picture is this, she loving invests that time and money in herself. It’s all part of that Aniston energy she is famous for.  The physical beauty for Jennifer Aniston might be created by a physical investment of what  some of us spent on our houses, but that’s not what creates her glow, that undefinable quality she is known for. That glow is something Jennifer creates form the inside. That is her time and energy investment in herself.

It’s easy to look at the Anistons of the world, and dismiss your ability to be anything like them, because you don’t have $140,000+ to spend on beauty. But are you investing in loving yourself? Are you investing in the things that make you feel good about yourself? Are you going to the salon because you’re trying to look like Jennifer Aniston or because you’re investing in a better you? The energy in which you go to the salon or the spa, or yoga class with matters. If it’s out of anything but self love it won’t create the glowing Aniston results you’re looking for, no matter how much you spend on them.

We all have the power to create our own Aniston quality. It starts with how you love yourself. Invest your time and resources in the things that make YOU feel better, happier and completely alive. Aniston says this about what makes her happy, “A sunset makes me happy. Really silly things make me happy, like being with my friends with a bottle of wine and some nice cheese. And simple things too, like people being kind. Being in love makes you happy.”

Read more: Aniston answers back | iVillage UK http://www.ivillage.co.uk/aniston-answers-back/80411?field_pages=1#ixzz1pJT3LLBg

None of those things cost $140,000. All of those things you can do today, if those are the things that make you happy.  If those aren’t the things that make you happy, what does? When was the last time you did those things?

It’s easy to look at Jennifer Aniston and think she’s lucky and she has money so she can do this or that, but the truth is what makes her the most attractive is the fact that she loves herself.  We can all afford to be more like Jennifer Aniston in that way!

There is more juicy stuff in the show with Lisa and I, so listen to the replay!