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Loving Yourself University Founder, Cassie Parks, loving yourselfCassie Parks, M.S., a Loving Yourself Lifestyle Strategist and founder of Loving Yourself University, has over five years experience helping people transform their lives. Her book STOP And Change Directions gives and simple process to change one’s life at any moment. She has also co-authored alongside Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, and John Spencer Ellis in The CODE and many more.

Her newest adventure is Loving Yourself University. It’s a collaborative university that teaches the “how tos” of loving yourself. Cassie worked, with great success, on herself and with her clients for years shifting negative thoughts and beliefs. Through this work she helped many people transform their lives, but there seemed to be a place where changed plateaued.

While coaching at a big event, she met a woman who inspired Loving Yourself University. Cassie was coaching her in a one and one session and told her, she could help her shift thoughts and beliefs around the negative things in her life, but was really going to create massive change was for this woman to start loving herself. The woman said, “Ok, but how?” That is when Loving Yourself University was born. Cassie saw the need for this powerful concept to be broken up and taught to people.

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Cassie believes everything can be tied to how much we love ourselves, even the current state of the economy. Whether you love yourself or not, affects every aspect of your life. Cassie understands people learn differently and that is why she has incorporated a variety of coaches into Loving Yourself University.

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Loving Yourself University offers a variety of classes, one one one coaching from Cassie, and a variety of products that cover specific components of loving yourself. It’s the goal of Cassie and Loving Yourself University to create a happier world, but teaching people how to fall in love with themselves and their lives.

Topics Cassie enjoys discussing are:

How To Start Loving Yourself
Loving Yourself and The Law of Attraction
The Importance of Your Girlfriends
What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong
Your Integrity and Loving Yourself
Self Love vs. Loving Yourself
The Connection Between Workaholics and Not Loving Themselves


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