A Powerful Loving Yourself Quote from Cassie Parks

A Powerful Loving Yourself Quote from Cassie Parks

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This quote is from Cassie Parks, MS, Loving Yourself Lifestyle Coach, and founder of Loving Yourself University. In her own words below, Cassie talks about this quote and the loving yourself lesson.

This quote came out of a conversation between me and my best intentional creation buddy. We were discussing how we had gotten to the point where we were always willing to ask for more. Loving yourself enough to ask for more is a place everyone benefits from. It takes loving yourself, to be able to ask for more in your life.

As you get in the habit of asking for more, things start to flow to you easier. You automatically start receiving more. More love, more money, more of everything just flows to you. It takes loving yourself to be able to ask for more. You deserve it. Ask for it!

For the last eight years, Cassie has been working with individuals and groups to help them transform their lives and truly love themselves.  Cassie has studied many traditional and non traditional modalities in addition to her formal education in psychology and counseling.

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